How To Stay Active Later In Life: Resources

In this post, I’m providing resources to other websites that you will find useful on helping you to stay active.

There are several post in my article series, that are designed to give you ideas and information on staying active. My article series provides middle age men and woman on how to stay active later in life. This specific post provides men and women on where to begin, this will help you avoid injuries, keep you from getting bored, and staying motivated. My other post provides motivational pictures, located in the series gallery. My citation post will give you links to other web pages to give you more information on staying active.

Taking Charge of your Health and Wellbeing, states on their website:

Make sure that you do at least 10 minutes of aerobic activity at a time. In fact, people who engage in short burts of physical activity for 10 minutes at a time have been shown to be just as healthy as people who do regular 30-minute workout everyday.

There is so much information on the web these day, you can find websites that will help you on how to stay active. You can visit site like to find books on exercising, motivation, and discipline. You can even find websites that provide you will with daily workout videos you can do at home.

Here are some tools to help you from getting bored and keep the fun going during your work outs. Here’s some ideas of equipment you can use.


  • Stretching
    • Yoga Ball
    • Yoga Mat
  • Strengthening
    • Kettle Bells
    • Resistance Bands

I’d also like to provide you will a few videos that are great for beginners.


  1. Smooth Flowing Dynamic Stretch
  2. Mill Creek Enterainment, 2005. DVD.

  3. Yoga for Inflexible People
  4. Bodywisdon Media, 2011. DVD.

If you find these posts to be helpful and would like to see more posts in the future on staying active later in life, contact me. I’d love to hear what you think and what you would like to see on specific topics.

Article Series on Staying Active Later in Life

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